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Fuel Free Penticton

Swagman’s Backyard Ride Guide: Wiltse

At Wiltse trails, the climbs demand more from you; they're steep, they're challenging, they test your mettle. But at the summit, the panorama unfolds: a reward for your tenacity. You'll feast on 360-degree views, encompassing the entirety of Penticton.

Fuel-Free Penticton

E-bike and walk to discover all Penticton and Naramata have to offer. by Steve MacNaull And we’re off. With a little jolt of acceleration from the electric bikes we rented at Freedom The Bike Shop…

Indulge In Penticton: A Relaxing Winter Getaway

Penticton is the perfect place to slow down and relax and yet get the adrenaline fix if required. Whether you want great food and activities or to take in the sheer beauty of the natural environment, Penticton is a must-visit, four-season destination! If you're seeking a getaway this winter season, check out Penticton and you won't be disappointed.