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Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries

They say it takes a lot of great beer to make fine wine. This rings true in Penticton with six (soon to be seven) craft breweries! The breweries along the Penticton Ale Trail will delight you with a delicious array of local craft beers and delicious food, as well as an opportunity to have a behind the scenes look at our vibrant craft brewing industry. Looking for a distillery? Penticton is home to three now, so be sure to stop in for a tasting.

Tin Whistle Brewing

  • 112, 1475 Fairview Road, Penticton
  • Phone

Cannery Brewing

  • 198 Ellis St, Penticton
  • Phone

Bad Tattoo Brewing

  • 169 Estabrook Avenue, Penticton
  • Phone

La Petite Abeille Cider

  • 1085 Fleet Road, Penticton
  • Phone

Legend Distilling

  • 3005 Naramata Road, Naramata
  • Phone

Martin Street Liquor Merchants

  • 333 Martin Street, Penticton
  • Phone

Neighbourhood Brewing

  • 187 Westminster Avenue W, Penticton
  • Phone

Barley Mill Brew Pub & Bistro

  • 2460 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton
  • Phone


  • 8011 Simpson Road, Summerland
  • Phone

Slackwater Brewing

  • 218 Martin Street, Penticton
  • Phone