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There are over 170 wineries operating and producing more than 75 grape varietals near Penticton with three distinctly different wine regions including Naramata, Okanagan Falls and Summerland. Many of these wineries that are closed over the Winter, have re-opened for Spring, so check out our list of Winery Spring Hours, and come and enjoy a tasting of our local varietals.


Three Sisters Winery

  • 1250 Munson Avenue, Penticton
  • Phone

See Ya Later Ranch

  • 2575 Green Lake Road, Okanagan Falls
  • Phone

Da Silva Vineyards & Winery

  • 375 Upper Bench Road N, Penticton
  • Phone

Monster Vineyards

  • 1010 Tupper Avenue, Penticton
  • Phone

Meyer Family Vineyards

  • 4287 McLean Creek Road, Okanagan Falls
  • Phone

Bottleneck Drive Association

  • Summerland

Blasted Church Vineyards

  • 378 Parsons Road, Okanagan Falls
  • Phone

Poplar Grove Winery

  • 425 Middle Bench Road North, Penticton
  • Phone

Nichol Vineyard

  • 1285 Smethurst Road, Naramata
  • Phone

Red Rooster Winery

  • 891 Naramata Road, Penticton
  • Phone

Therapy Vineyards & Inn

  • 940 Debeck Road, Naramata
  • Phone

Four Shadows Vineyard

  • 250 Upper Bench Road South, Penticton
  • Phone