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The Okanagans (Syilx) People

The Okanagans (Sylix) People have been around since time immemorial, long before the arrival of the Europeans.

The original people of the Okanagan are known as the Syilx speaking people – the “Okanagans” and according to their history they have been here since the beginning of people on this land.

Their history was passed on from one person to another and from generation to generation. It is a history of the meaning of being Syilx, rather than a history of dates.

Penticton Indian Band

SnPink’tn (The Penticton Indian Band) represents one of the seven communities of the Okanagan Nation. The other six communities being Upper Similkameen, Lower Similkameen, Osoyoos Indian Band, Westbank Indian Band, Okanagan Indian Band, and Upper Nicola Indian Band.

SnPink’tn (The Penticton Indian Band) is located on beautiful bench land in the southwestern portion of the Okanagan Valley. The rolling hillsides add to the beauty of the landscape and provide a number of developable bench lands.

En’owkin Centre

The En’owkin Centre is a dynamic institution, which puts into practice the principles of self-determination and the validation of cultural aspirations and identity. An Indigenous cultural, educational, ecological and creative arts organization, En’owkin plays a lead role in the development and implementation of Indigenous knowledge and systems, both at the community and international levels.

The word En’owkin is an Okanagan concept, which describes a respectful dialogue of clarification, conflict resolution and group commitment, to come to the best solution; essentially, consensus.

Located on the Penticton Indian Band reserve, En’owkin’s unique building design reflects a traditional Okanagan winter home also known as a pit house. It is a gathering place where families and community members can replenish themselves spiritually and is also a teaching place where story, co-operation, craft and artistry come together.