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Discover Penticton’s Best Downtown Murals

Penticton is a city rich in natural beauty and cultural heritage. One of the most captivating ways to explore our vibrant community is through its public art, especially the striking murals that adorn various buildings throughout the downtown core. These murals not only beautify the urban landscape but also tell the stories of Penticton’s history, community spirit, and diverse culture. You can find some of our favorite murals marked in red on the map below!

We highly recommend exploring these murals fuel-free via electric scooter. Sparrow Scooters is a local Penticton based scooter rental company, and not only are they tons of fun to ride and good for the environment, but they have grab-and-go rental stations (called nests) throughout the downtown core and a user-friendly mobile app which makes scooting around town a total breeze! For this mural tour, it’s best to start on Lakeshore drive, where Sparrow Scooters has multiple nests. Nests are marked in green on the map above! For the most up to date information on Penticton nest locations, check out the Sparrow Scooters webpage here.

Athleticism in the Community

One of the most vibrant murals in Penticton captures the essence of athleticism and community engagement. This mural is located right next to the giant peach on Okanagan Beach, and shares a building with our Peach Visitor Centre location. This colorful piece features athletes in action, including a cyclist and runners, alongside volunteers handing out water. The use of bright, bold colors and fluid lines creates a sense of movement and energy, reflecting the active lifestyle embraced by many residents of Penticton. This mural not only celebrates sports but also highlights the importance of community in athletic events, portraying volunteers as essential contributors to the success and of such gatherings.

Just off of Front Street, you’ll find the Ironman mural by artist Paul McNicoll in 1992! This work of art captures the spirit and intensity of the annual Ironman Triathlon. Located prominently on a building facade, this dynamic mural features athletes swimming, cycling, and running against a backdrop of Penticton’s iconic landscapes. McNicoll’s art piece is a celebration of the endurance and determination of Ironman competitors. The mural not only commemorates the annual event that draws participants from around the world but also embodies the vibrant and active lifestyle that is a hallmark of the Penticton community.

Shanghai Alley: A Slice of History

The third mural, titled “Shanghai Alley,” depicts Penticton’s now non-existent china town. At its largest, Penticton’s Chinatown had no more than 60 people, mostly men, focusing their work and life on three buildings. This mural was painted by artist Larry Hunter, and can be found just off of Backstreet Boulevard, on the side of Guerard’s Furniture.

Celebrating Local Talent and Music

Located on Main Street, just across the street from Petrasek Bakery, Luke Hunter’s striking mural features local singer-songwriter Chrystal Leigh. This stunning artwork showcases Leigh in a dynamic and colorful composition. Hunter’s attention to detail and use of bold colors bring the mural to life, making it a captivating focal point in the city’s urban landscape. The mural not only celebrates Leigh’s contributions to the local music scene but also highlights Penticton’s thriving artistic community, making it a cherished piece of public art that resonates with both residents and visitors.

Exploring Slack Alley: Penticton’s Hidden Outdoor Art Gallery

Slack Alley in Penticton is a hidden gem tucked away from the bustling main streets, offering a unique and artistic experience for visitors. This narrow alleyway, located between Main Street and Martin Street, has been transformed into an outdoor gallery showcasing a diverse collection of murals by local artists.

Each mural tells its own story, ranging from abstract designs to vivid depictions of nature and community life. Slack Alley has become a vibrant hub for street art enthusiasts and photographers, providing an atmospheric backdrop that adds character to downtown Penticton. In fact, we bumped into photographer Gustav Klotz in Slack Alley while we were on this very mural tour. He was taking photos, and was kind enough to snap a few photos of us while we were there! (Thanks Gustav!)

Photo by Gustav Klotz

Cannabis Cottage Mural: A Colorful Tribute

At Cannabis Cottage in Penticton, visitors are greeted by a vibrant and eye-catching mural that adds a splash of color to the urban landscape. Created by local artist Brass Tactics, this mural features intricate botanical motifs intertwined with whimsical elements, and plentiful hidden faces. Its bold and imaginative design invites passersby to pause and appreciate the of artistry of this unique piece of public art in Penticton.

Tin Whistle Brewing Mural at Martin Street Liquor Merchants

On the exterior of Martin Street Liquor Merchants in Penticton, the Tin Whistle Brewing mural adds a vibrant touch to the city’s streetscape. Designed by Kristiana Vellucci, this mural captivates with bold imagery and vibrant colors. On the mural you’ll find a host of quirky characters and a playful art style that craft beer enthusiasts will recognize from the Tin Whistle Brewing brand. The message “Welcome to Penticton” makes this mural the perfect photo-op to commemorate your trip!

Ode to the Animals and the Land

On Brunswick Street in Penticton, just across the road from The Bike Barn, Brad Mulherin’s mural stands out as a vibrant and bold expression of the Okanagan. Known for his dynamic style and use of color, Mulherin’s mural features flowers and animals native to the area. This artwork not only beautifies the urban environment but also reflects Penticton’s thriving arts scene and the artist’s distinctive approach to blending form and color.

Directly accross from Brad Mulherin’s mural, on the opposite side of Brunswick Street you will find another ecologically focused set of murals, painted by husband and wife team Dylan and Liz Ranney. This bold and contemporary string of murals was inspired by environmental growth and sharing the land with the animals. On display, a beautiful family of bears makes their way through a colorful landscape of flora and fauna.

The Artistic Pulse of Penticton

These are just a handful of the many wonderful murals to discover in Penticton. On this route, you will undoubtedly find more murals tucked away that were not highlighted in this article. Each one tells a unique story, whether it’s celebrating community, paying tribute to the city’s history and culture, or appreciating the importance and beauty of the nature that surrounds us. Exploring these murals via Sparrow Scooter makes for a memorable adventure, and should definitely be on your to-do list for your next visit to Penticton! Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a casual observer, these murals are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Drop a comment below and let us know your favorite Penticton Murals!


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