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GN'R Alpaca Boutique fabric samples with alpaca images
GN'R Alpaca Boutique and yarn display of colorful yarn
GN'R Alpaca Boutique kids with alpaca
GN'R Alpaca Boutique rolls of yarn
GN'R Alpaca Boutique yarn workshop


GN'R Alpaca Boutique & Yarn

  • 7171 Tucelnuit Dr, Oliver
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Superior service, personalized attention

GN’R Alpaca Farm was located in Lisle, Ontario, but on November 12, 2020 set up in Oliver B.C. as a boutique. We specialize in alpacas fibre, yarn and finished hand made products.

Gail has always been interested in fibre which is why alpacas are such a good fit, with their high quality natural fleece. Alpaca fleece is lustrous and silky, soft and luxurious, warmer than wool, not prickly, and contains no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Alpaca fibre is also flame-resistant.

GN’R Farm processes fleece from start to finish. Gail will continue this at the boutique, acquiring her fibre from the Ontario breeder her animals were from. This ensures the best grade fleece to use and allows her animals to age gracefully.

Alpacas are sheared in May, the processing continues right through till the next sheering. All the while the animals are starting to grow new fleece for the next season.

We have raw fleece, carded fleece, roving, hand spun yarns, right through to completed items like hats, mitts, scarves, and socks…items may be felted, knit, crocheted or woven. Each is hand made and one-of-a-kind.


GN’R Alpaca Boutique & Yarn offers workshops such as nuno felting, felted soaps, needle felting, introduction to spinning, yarn dying, and so much more!

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