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La Petite Abeille Ciders in orchard
La Petite Abeille Cider entrance
La Petite Abeille Cider tasting room
La Petite Abeille Cider ciders outside
La Petite Abeille Cider swing overlooking okanagan


La Petite Abeille Cider

  • 1085 Fleet Road, Penticton
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About La Petite Abeille

We named our cidery La Petite Abeille, or, the Little Bee. Bees are important to us for a couple of reasons. Not only do we recognize that bees are crucial to the pollination of our orchard and the health of the planet, but the bee has been a prominent symbol throughout French history, so we thought of the bee as a fitting ode to the place that initially inspired us to make our special sparkling-style cider.

With a wink and a nod to French cider-making savoir-faire, we have found our passion in creating bubbly, chic ciders right here on the Naramata Bench, and are so pleased to have our ciders find a place at your table.


Our Ciders

All of our ciders are created using high-quality, hand-picked fruit cultivated on our very own Blue Bee Orchard. We looked to France and their long history of cider production for inspiration, and so our products showcase the best of both old and new world cider-making techniques.

Each cider reflects the unique flavours and personality of the Okanagan valley, or, as the French say, the “goût du terroir.” Gluten-free and never too sweet, our ciders let the natural fruit flavours and aromatics shine through, while having the perfect amount of bubble to enhance each sip.

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La Petite Abeille Cider Hours of Operation

  • Closed for the season, re-opening May 2022

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