Daniel Wesley Concert at the District Wine Village

Event Dates:
  • Thu June 6, 2024 7:00 PM
  • Event Cost: $60.00

Daniel Wesley

Daniel Wesley’s music has always been a call to live life to the fullest. And on Beach Music, the West Coast singer/songwriter’s ninth full-length album, that call rings out more clearly than ever.

Recorded with producer John Raham at Afterlife Studios, Beach Music finds Wesley reaffirming his roots, but also expanding on his signature brand of reggae-tinged beach music*.

From highly personal tracks like ‘See Your Star’ and ‘Older Now’, to lighthearted offerings such as lead single and post-legalization anthem, ‘Fire’, the common thread on Beach Music is Wesley’s willingness to navigate life carefully but with open arms, taking it all as it comes, and enjoying every moment.

*beach music
bēCH myo͞ozik

1. any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious vocal and/or instrumental sound or sounds combined in such a way as to evoke a feeling of deep satisfaction and well being.

2. of or denoting a genre of music that results in the irresistible urge to dance, sing, laugh, and crack another cold one – may include elements of jazz, reggae and rock and roll, or any genre characterized by highly infectious grooves and lyrics that perfectly suit your mood.

3. live music performed in the company of friends and family and accompanied by the steady consumption of ice-cold adult beverages and/or ‘herb’ – most commonly heard around campfires, or on hot sunny days in coastal areas.

‘Fire up that Beach Music and toss me a beer’


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