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red barn winery
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Red Barn Winery

  • 4305 Black Sage Bench Road, Oliver
  • Phone
What first started as a working barn and equipment storage unit hidden between the rows of Jagged Rock vineyard was later reimagined in a colourful way to create a commune of creativity for those who wish to sip inspiration. Being surrounded by lush vines lends support in getting our grapes from the vineyard to the cellar quicker. 

Crafted by the architectural design of Tom Kundig, this stark barn paves a pathway for those to wish to explore the uncharted and unknown. Like the wines themselves, the building is a clash of the traditional and unconventional. It’s beautifully jarring. 

Our Winemaker Kaylee Barss sources five acres of fruit from Jagged Rock vineyard, creating a crafted collection of wines designed to disrupt the norm. A deep understanding of tradition and a lust for redefining norms is what makes our wines stand apart. One maker that respects the meticulous precision required to farm organically. One maker with the skill and imagination to produce the ultimate expression of place and time.

Red Barn Winery Hours of Operation

Visit Red Barn Winery and taste a crafted collection of single-vineyard wines from Jagged Rock designed to disrupt the norm. Reservations strongly encouraged. 

Tasting Room Hours

  • Friday – Sunday: 11am – 5pm
  • Closed Monday – Thursday

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