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Wine Tours – Fun Choices! Half-Day, Full-Day, or Multi-Day.

Fulfilling your touring desires, Cheers! is delighted to offer you a choice of relaxing, leisurely half-day, full-day, multi-day or customized top-tier wine journeys. Fully customized tours can include blending wine tours with other top Okanagan attractions such as Myra Canyon and high-octane boating or relaxing cruises on Lake Okanagan.

All-Inclusive Pricing!

Avowing “Customer Enthusiasm Is Our Obsession,” Cheers! is pleased to feature All-Inclusive Pricing to prevent any awkwardness and safeguard the dignity of our guests – even the taxes and gratuities are included!

All tour prices are per person, in Canadian Dollars, and include the tax, tasting fees, tour fees, a charcuterie picnic, guide gratuities and pick-up/drop-off. Exclusions apply where indicated.

With over 270 wineries to choose from, it’s no surprise that first-time visitors to the Okanagan are often overwhelmed by the number of wineries to visit. Always eager to help out a fellow wine lover, we’ve lined up a few favorite experiences to showcase the Okanagan’s diverse terroir and to educate the public about wine and wine tasting in an unpretentious environment.

Customer Enthusiasm Is Our Obsession.

We’re relentless in our pursuit to become the Okanagan’s most respected tour service brand, one of the region’s top employers, plus a best-managed Canadian company. To do this, we have established a rare culture that supports our employee-partners empowering them to deliver totally exceptional service and wonderfully unique experiences to our cherished guests. You will delight in our friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic employee-partners’ eagerness to serve as they help you fashion truly wonderful memories and uncork your thirst to know more.

We’ve been expecting you.

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our guests’ lives. You’ll be introduced to amazing people, enjoy authentic encounters, experience extra personal touches and carefully chosen little surprises that make CHEERS! unrivalled when it comes to guided tours.

Our tour vehicles are safe, clean and welcoming. Our tour guides – not so much – LOL! Very gracious customers say they’re…“Knowledgeable, entertaining, attentive, fun, funny, flexible, balanced, friendly, accommodating, fun and yet very professional, all-around awesome , a lot of laughs, photographic skills are on point, courteous, connected, careful, passionate about his(her) work, personable, pleasant, informative, charismatic, a wonderful personality, provided incomparable service, hilarious”.

Often, countless, unseen details are the only difference between mediocre and magnificent. At CHEERS! our commitment is doing a thousand little things right. We sweat the small stuff. Your mission is to have fun, learn and enjoy making new memories.

No One Can Whistle A Symphony. It Takes An Orchestra To Play It.

At CHEERS! we are deeply committed to our people. We respect, we appreciate, and we value the men and women who come to work every day. By placing a high value on employee-partners’ needs, we create an environment in which those needs are met. We believe inspired people do their best work, stay with the company, and promote the company to their friends, family, and YOU, our guest.

We Can’t Spell Success Without U!

Please join us for a fun, friendly, informative, and truly memorable experience.

You are most welcome in our lives. You add diversity to our day and we truly want to get to know you.

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