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Daily Special Community – Gratify

Small City Big Rewards

Establishing Gratify to “make nutritious yet famously delicious treats so you can indulge better,” Connie and Ryan Oickle are grateful for Penticton, which as a small city offers big rewards. Born here, Connie returned after a brief educational stint away and shortly after met Ryan, who was born in Moncton and then living in Kelowna.

Whenever possible, ingredients at Gratify are sourced locally. Local fruit such as nectarines can occasionally be found in the desserts.

Health Conscious Thrive in Penticton

With its mild four-season climate and location in the Okanagan valley between two lakes, Penticton offers a great growing season and a cornucopia of family-friendly outdoor activities. Ryan notes a growing interest in artisan foods, particularly plant-based, and a demand for unprocessed products as health becomes a priority.

For him and Connie, eating well and feeling well has led to their dreams coming true. They can work hard and unwind on one of the local dog beaches with their daughter Skye and dog Sammy.

A favourite treat is the Cleopatra Café where they can find a delightful veggie platter and falafels. Says Ryan, it’s one of those little gems hiding in plain sight with a limited menu that just gets it right. “You know a place where you fall in love with a menu item and just keep going back because it is just so good.”

Naramata Bench

Whether you drink or not, Ryan highly recommends a tour along the Naramata Bench wineries region. “It’s a beautiful drive and along the way there are great hikes, views and beaches.”

A bike ride along the KVR (Kettle Valley Railroad) Trail, especially north of Munson Mountain provides a wonderful pathway amid orchards, vineyards, wineries and trestles to the Little Tunnel and back. Throughout your journey, the Okanagan Lake mirrors the landscape.

Gratify in the Community

Gratify supplies its delicious treats to local outlets such as single serve items to Seis Cielo, #102, 166 Main Street across from City Hall.

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