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Naramata General Store

  • 219 Robinson Avenue, Naramata
  • Phone

Curated Convenience – in the Heart of the Village –

Naramata General Store is located in the village of Naramata providing both the must-have staples and dialed-in foodie options for groceries, deli, wine, beer and pretty much everything else.

Indulge in an ice cream cone and stroll the village on a summer day, pick up some fresh vegetables and kitchen essentials, load the cooler with ice and some local beer & wine… you’re in Naramata after all… why leave the village?

Family owned and operated since 1979, we take pride in being the community hub where you can post a parcel, see what’s happening locally on the community board and have a friendly exchange with our staff.



Naramata General Store Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Saturday   8am -8pm
  • Sunday   9am – 7pm

Naramata General Store Wine Club

A Sommelier, a Winemaker and a Master of Wine walk into a General Store …

… and launch a wine club to bring you exceptional wines and untold stories

A general store is the heart of a community. It forms a bond with every passerby, every neighbour. In the epicentre of Okanagan wine country, winemakers and vignerons walk through our doors at the Naramata General Store every day.

That’s why we launched the Naramata General Store Wine Club. To bring you the wines that we discover – from BC and around the globe.

Best of BC 

combines the best wines from the Naramata Bench with BC stars and new – and – upcoming producers

International Gems 

takes you around the world, exploring regions and producers that set the benchmark or push the next frontier

All the Wine! 

Don’t choose – enjoy both clubs with 12 bottle shipments. [free shipping]

Each club is shipped quarterly, with options for 6- or 12-bottles per shipment.
Can’t decide on BC or International? Join ‘All the Wine’ for the full wine journey.
We ship throughout BC or locals can pick up in store.

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