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Family Fun

LocoLanding Adventure Park

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LocoLanding Adventure Park ...

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LocoLanding Adventure Park

LocoLanding Adventure Park

LocoLanding Adventure Park is the ultimate in family fun and entertainment! With 10 attractions and hours of fun, you won’t know where to start! Go-karts, mini-golf, high-level ropes course, water spraying bumper boats, monkey motion, spider mountain, rock climbing and more! Activities for all ages (as young as 18 months).

The Story behind LocoLanding Adventure Park

LocoLanding is built in memory of my brother, Mike, who passed away in 1999. In 2001 my parents, Adolf & Lesley, along with my brother’s God-father, Gary, had a dream to build an Adventure Park where families could come to have laugh, smile and create memories! They started LocoLanding with an 18-hole mini-golf course and have added a new attraction almost every year – with LocoLanding now having 10 attractions! In 2011, the park was passed onto myself and my husband Dustin and our two young children. We’ve worked hard to continue building this park and creating ‘smiles and fun’ at LocoLanding. We’re very proud to call LocoLanding a true family business and would love to welcome you

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