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GottaGoat Farm

  • 2099 Green Mountain Road, Penticton
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Because Everyone Needs a Goat

Everyone loves hanging out at GottaGoat Farm, cuddling up with the goats, and learning about all of the animals here. We love having people come to visit… and of course talking about all the animals! At GottaGoat Farm, we offer Farm Visits (year-round), Birthday Parties and other Special Events, and Goat Yoga Classes (seasonal). We even bring our goats to special events (dependent on availability and location).

View our current schedule to see more information about visiting the farm and any special events that we have coming up. Follow us on Facebook to see the latest photos of the animals, for any current announcements, or any changes/updates to our schedule. Or you can always contact us directly to book your visit, for more information, or to plan your birthday party or special event. For any of the activities or classes at our farm, please read our FAQs section for more information, our farm policies, and what to expect.

Farm Visits

We take pride in constantly learning and developing the best practices in animal care, nutrition and health, and ensuring that all of our animals are treated with love and respect. We also like to share this information with others who are caring for animals, interested in farm life, or just want to cuddle-up with the goats and learn more about them. Both our adult and younger visitors thoroughly enjoy their visits to our farm! 

If you’d enjoy connecting with farm life and the animals firsthand, we offer year-round Farm Visits daily by appointment, and are now open Saturdays for drop-in visits from 10am-5pm (no appointment needed). Most visits involve spending “cuddle time” with the goats, but if there is something specific you want to see or learn about, feel free to ask us. Please check our schedule page for the latest information. Proceeds from our visits and events go toward feeding all of our amazing animals!

All visits are $10 per person (both drop-in and by appointment). Our visits by appointment are scheduled for one hour. There is no charge for children under 3 years old.


Looking for a unique gift idea for the animal-lover in your life? GottaGoat Farm has a fun program available called Lease-A-Goat.

Give someone you love the opportunity to own a goat – but without the worries of where to keep them or how to care for them. Lease-A-Goat is a 12-month program that provides the recipient with an on-farm, shared lease on the goat of their choice. All of the goats will still stay at our farm, and we will continue to provide for all their needs – you just get to enjoy your goat!

This fun package includes four visits with your goat, the GottaGoat Farm Calendar, a photo of your goat, and a special certificate, as well as monthly emails for the year. Visit Lease-A-Goat for more details.

Goat Yoga (GOGA) Classes

We heard about the Goat Yoga trend several years ago, and when the first goat kids were born at our farm, we realized they LOVED to climb all over us! You can’t help but smile and laugh when there is a cute little goat on you. No wonder this has become so popular! If you are looking for an amazing activity that combines the health benefits of yoga, with the therapeutic benefits of interacting with amazing little animals, then this unique experience is something you need to try!

GottaGoat Farm is working with some amazing yoga instructors to be able to offer these classes at our farm. We have Public Goat Yoga Classes scheduled in the spring/summer, as well as offer Private Goat Yoga Classes, which make amazing corporate events and team building activities for your business! We had spent a lot of our years working for large companies, and we know how challenging it is to find interesting and engaging events for your staff or clients to attend. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, perfect for any organization. Contact us to get your event scheduled or for more information about our public Goat Yoga Classes!

Please read our Events + Classes FAQs section for more information, our farm policies, and what to expect.

About GottaGoat Farm

We got our first goats in 2015, and haven’t looked back! We spent a great deal of time researching and implementing the best practices for raising and caring for our goats, and wanted to find ways to share this knowledge. We found so many others just adore these animals as we do, so we decided to start having people out to our farm – not only to visit with the goats, but also learn about them. Currently we are raising and selling Miniature Silky Fainting Goats (and yes, they do FAINT), Nigerian Dwarf Goats, mini-Nubian and mini-Lamancha goats. We also sell eggs from our chickens, and provide a safe home for several rescued animals including horses, roosters, a donkey, cats, and a wonderful dog named Winnie.

GottaGoat Farm Hours of Operation

We are open year-round for Farm Visits daily, by appointment. Contact us to book a day and time that you’d like to come out! Now open Saturdays from 10am-5pm for drop-in visits (no appointment needed). 

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