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Elephant Island
Elephant Island


Elephant Island Winery

  • 2730 Aikins Loop, Naramata
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Elephant Island began as a family haven, a place of summer picnics, orchard adventures and magical holidays on the Naramata Bench. Today the elephant has grown into a 6,000 cases winery driven to craft wines of character. Wines that sing with the unconventional voice of vanguard fruit. Wines that are balanced by a reverence for traditional winemaking practices. Wines that are rooted and inspired by family history.

We ventured into cider making and the Naramata Cider Co. brand encompasses the slow-living, hard-working, community-minded ethos of our village. And while our vintage vibe is a nod to the rich history of farming and fermenting in Naramata, our ciders are all about today – a modern take on cider-making and what it means to WORK HARD and REST EASY in Naramata. Our ciders tell the story of the hard work that goes into farming and harvesting orchard fruit. They celebrate the Okanagan sun, lazy days in the hammock, resting easy on the beach, and are made from 100% local fruit and nothing else. 

Elephant Island remains a magical place to sit under the trees, to be amused and amazed by wines that seek to capture the spirit and essence of this place: of fun, and of whimsy… all afternoon long. 

Elephant Island Hours of Operation

DAILY: 12 noon to 5:00 pm from April 1st to June 30th
11 am to 6 pm from July 1st to August 31st
12 noon to 5:00 pm Sept 1st to Oct 8th
12 noon to 4 pm Oct 9th to Oct 31st

Purchase online anytime, have your order shipped or pick it up during opening hours. You can also call the winery at 250-496-5522 to pre-order.

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