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Coyote cruises channel float
Coyote cruises channel float
Coyote cruises channel float
Coyote cruises channel float
Coyote cruises channel float
Coyote cruises channel float


Coyote Cruises - Float the Channel

  • 215 Riverside Drive, Penticton
  • Phone

Coyote Cruises will be open for the Summer Season as of Saturday June 27th.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the safety of visitors and staff we have made some changes to our procedures. CLICK HERE for further information.

One of Penticton’s top bucket list items is to float down the river channel on a sunny summer afternoon.

Coyote Cruises offers inner tube rentals and shuttle transport back to the starting point, so you can enjoy a leisurely ride down the 7 kilometer long channel that connects the beautiful Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake.

It’s a summertime event you don’t want to miss, so slap on some sunscreen and spend a few hours leisurely drifting the cool waters of the Penticton channel. On top of the picturesque views, you’re sure to make friends along the way!

Coyote Cruises Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?
11:00am -4:00pm, last floaters in water at 4:00pm*

Where do I start?
You’ll start at 215 Riverside Drive, Penticton. Once you arrive, come on up to ticketing (north building) to purchase your tube/bus ticket. Then head over to the Coyote Den (south building) to sign our waiver and pick up your tube. You can choose between single, doubles, quads, 8-person and 12-person (based on availability).  Anything you want to keep safe and dry should be left in your vehicle.

How long does the trip take?
Times vary depending on channel water flow. Please allow 1-1.5 hours to mid point and 2.5-3 hours to end point.

What can I do with my phone? My keys?
You’re about to enter water so all items SHOULD BE STORED IN A DRY BAG. We sell 5L Dry bags as well as waterproof iPhone bags for your valuables.

Can we tie our tubes together?
NO. Tubers tying themselves into a big flotilla can be very dangerous around our bridges. Accidents on the channel from tying tubes together has resulted in near drowning and deaths.

How late does the shuttle run?
Last pick up is 7:00pm. So if you are one of the last tubes out, don’t stop  at the midpoint on the way down or you will miss the last shuttle.

Can the bus pick me up at the mid point or end point?
Yes we can if you have a pre-purchased wristband/ticket from our starting point at 215 Riverside Drive. Our bus drivers cannot accept payment.

How often does the shuttle run?
It runs constantly from 11:30am onwards. Turn around time for the shuttle is around 30-35 minutes, with stops at the end point, mid point and a return to the start. *times may vary in 2020 due to COVID-19 safety spacing.

Can I make an online reservation?
Reservations are not needed for singles or doubles. If you are renting 4-8-12 person Party Islands you will need to book in advance through our online booking software (online booking will be available June 20)

Are there any age restrictions?
Anyone under 15 has to be accompanied by an adult. Tubers between 15-18 must have a parent sign a waiver for them.

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