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SS Sicamous Museum and Heritage Park

  • Address:1099 Lakeshore Drive West, Penticton, V2A 1B7
  • Phone:(250) 492-0403
  • Email:
  • Website:View Website

What is the SS Sicamous?

The SS Sicamous is the largest surviving stern wheeler in Canada. It is open as a historic site, museum and wedding venue.

What is inside the Ship?

The lower deck hosts the original steam boiler, steam engines and a model of the Kettle Valley Railway (with working miniature trains!) The upper decks have been fully restored, and you can see the cabins, dining saloon and even the Captain’s wheel. Visits take up to an hour, and guided tours are available.

Is the Museum suitable for young children?

The museum is a perfect activity for families with young children. The kids love watching the trains move around the model railway. (The hardest part will actually be getting them away from the trains upstairs to the passenger decks) Once upstairs they will enjoy running and dancing to the old fashioned music in the dining saloon. If you climb up to the pilot house (at the very top of the ship) you will find the Captains wheel and a brass tube marked “speaking tube”. This is connected to a tube downstairs in the engine room, and can still be used to talk through! If you pull the little levers at the base of the Steering wheel, little bells will ring downstairs. We think the kids will have fun talking to each other and exploring the ship. It is also a nice rainy day activity, and an escape from the heat and sunshine of the Okanagan summer.

Is the Museum Wheel Chair Accessible?

Yes! The second deck can now be accessed via an exterior elevator. The elevator was installed thanks to partial funding from the Government of Canada’s Accessibility Fund, and the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust.

Who runs the SS Sicamous?

The Sicamous is cared for by the SS Sicamous Society: a non-profit organization that strives to protect the marine heritage of the Okanagan.

When is it open?

The Sicamous is open almost daily (from 10am to 4pm).  The museum is often closed on Saturdays (to host Weddings!) and if you would like to check, just give the crew a call at 250-492-0403 or click here: open hours

How much does it cost?

  • Adults $6
  • Seniors  $5
  • Children $3
  • Small Children (Under 6) – Free!
  • Family Pass (two adults plus kids) – $18

Funds go directly to the Sicamous Society, and are used to repair and restore the heritage vessels in our care


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