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Nighthawk Vineyards

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Nighthawk Vi...

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Nighthawk Vineyards is a boutique family farm gate winery, overlooking the scenic Green Lake valley above Okanagan Falls.  It is truly a magical destination, with a distinctive terroir that contributes to some of the finest grape growing conditions.

You can visit Nighthawk Vineyards online at or in person at 2735 Green Lake Road, Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, phone 250-497-8874.

  • Wine Tasting Shop
  • Scenic Picnic Area and Patio
  • Homemade Preserves
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Nighthawk Vineyards Winter Hours:

By appointment.  Please call 250-497-8874 or 250-300-9161.

nighthawk vineyards owners

Through the passion of Christy and Daniel Bibby, Nighthawk Vineyards has evolved into an exclusive award-winning winery, offering exceptional hand crafted wines and a personal experience that keeps wine lovers coming back.