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Donut House Studios

  • 106-1475 Fairview Road, Penticton
  • Phone

Encouraging Love for the Arts

A neon Donut House sign in the Cannery Trade Center was the inspiration for our studio space dream. Donut House studios is a place for all artists, creatives and makers to grow. Many artists struggle with studio spaces in basements, garages and most frequently on the kitchen table. We believe having dedicated work spaces and individuals to collaborate with is integral to artistic expression and growth. 

Services Provided

  • Studio spaces for Rent
  • Classroom space for rent

Anyone can rent classroom space art Donut House Studios, members always enjoy a discount. Classrooms rent 7 days a week from 9-4 Monday to Friday and 4:30-9:30 pm, no hourly rentals are available at this time. Please contact us for pricing.

There are no Donuts!

A donut at its core is joy, fun, frivolity all bound together in an endlessly creative and varied any time snack.

As artists we can easily take our selves too seriously and forget the visceral beauty that our creativity is there to invoke.

We can forget while toiling alone that our creative pursuits are in reality meant to bring us together.

Donuts never forget this, donuts are never too cool or expensive, donuts bring us together in moments as mundane as the office coffee or break or as thrilling as a seaside carnival.

Sure we repurposed a vintage neon sign and sure this may be a bit of a stretch but sometimes life gifts you a 20 ft neon sign and you embrace it because you realize its just the thing you  needed all along.

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