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The front of Maple Roch in Summerland BC
Maple Roch interior shelves with maple products
Maple Roch team
Maple Roch store in summerland
Maple Syrup in the snow at Maple Roch Tir à L'érable on the snow
Maple Roch outdoor patio area


Maple Roch

  • 13224 Victoria Road N, Summerland
  • Phone

Blending passion with the tradition and purity of Canadian maple syrup, Maple Roch is a British Columbia-based farm to table enterprise, dedicated to offering maple syrup in its purest, most natural form.

Our maple syrup is single forest meaning it comes from one forest and it is not mixed with other syrups or fillers. This allows our maple syrup to taste just as it should; as if it were harvested from the tree and boiled right in front of you.

Maple Roch syrup is Canada’s best organic, single forest maple syrup and is harvested by the same dedicated families year after year.

Based in Summerland, British Columbia, we are proud to offer the highest quality organic maple syrup, whose flavour is a true Canadian experience.

Maple Roch is a maple syrup business that began with 6 barrels in 2012 and has grown to procuring over 100 barrels today.

Maple Roch has a strong relationship with 3 maple craftsmen families in New Brunswick, and pays a premium price for their exceptional syrup, which allows the families to expand their operations and provide a meaningful living.

Maple Roch is also a social enterprise, with our Director Roch being involved in the Summerland Food Bank and Resource Centre, and using the business to mentor and employ people with disabilities. The company’s success is attributed to the community support of Summerland, and has recently secured a contract with SYSCO Foods to provide high-quality maple syrup to local chefs, leading to the development of new products and brands.

The In-Store Tasting Experience

The tasting experience at Maple Roch is exactly as described. It is a full experience.

Walk into the shop in the heart of the Okanagan in Summerland, BC. You will be greeted by the smiling faces of Roch himself, Mirjana or June. And get ready, because they are all excited to share the experience of Maple Roch with you.

Whether you are a local and have come in for the Maple Roch tasting experience before, or you are visiting for the first time, there is nothing that can prepare you for the full, pure and organic flavours that are soon to change how you perceive food.

In the tasting journey, you will be given a compostable spoon. This is a reflection of the mission of Maple Roch, and that is to reduce the environmental footprint as much as possible in both the maple harvesting and the packaging of Maple Roch products. Not only does Maple Roch showcase their compostable tasting spoons, but most of the packaging is recyclable, refillable or compostable as well.

Your tasting guide will start you on the tasting journey, beginning with the heart of the Maple Roch store, the 100% pure, organic, Canadian, single blend maple syrup.

Maple Roch Store Hours of Operation

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