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Picnic-Ton Penticton

Picnic Penticton is coming soon to a park near you! This Love Local initiative aims to inspire people to order take-out from local businesses to enjoy at our amazing parks and beaches.

A Snowshoe Day-trip in Penticton

Sampling local cuisine, winter adventure, and loaded Caesars, all within a short drive from Penticton. By Emily Kemp Get out and explore the winter wonderland that Penticton offers to beat the melancholy of a sometimes…

Make a Break for the Lake

Attention people!  There are still 3 full weeks of Summer left, maybe more if September weather co-operates.  Why not make a break for the lake and head to Penticton to soak up some Summer sun and chill in the cool fresh water.

Penticton 2019 Summer Festivals

Penticton is home to over 70 events annually, with some of the largest and longest running events happening over the summer months. From Classic Cars, Endurance Races and Peach Fest there is something for everyone…