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Food & Drink

Fresh, local and delicious sums up our food scene. Linger over seasonally-inspired, multi-course meals. Or, if fast and tasty is what you’re craving, we’ve got that too.

From Turkish to Japanese, Mexican to Greek, Indian to Italian, and just about everything in between, you’ll find a place to dine in Penticton to satisfy your palette.

After your meal, indulge your sweet tooth, as Penticton offers a wide variety of tasty treats.


Being blessed with such an abundant natural pantry, Penticton draws talented chef from every corner of the globe. Here you can enjoy foods inspired by different cultures around the world with a little local flair thrown in.

From scenic dining by the lake to authentic international cuisine, Penticton has a lot of offer. The culinary scene is growing year after year, offering some of the best farm-to-table ingredients, all grown within a few kilometers of the city. From Turkish to Japanese, Mexican to Greek, Indian to Italian, and just about everything in between, you'll find a place to dine in Penticton to satisfy your palette.


Choose from over 170 wineries operating in the South Okanagan and producing more than 75 grape varietals, with three distinctly different wine regions including Naramata, Okanagan Falls, and Summerland with over 80 wineries within a 15-20 minute drive of Penticton.

Any time is wine time in Penticton and many of our South Okanagan wineries remain open during the winter months as well, so come and enjoy a tasting of our local varietals including limited ice wines.

View our 2024 spring winery hours here to plan your wine tasting tour.

Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries

Beyond wine, Penticton and area is renowned for our exquisite fruit crops due to the perfect growing conditions in the Okanagan Valley. As a result, the region is home to a growing number of cideries and craft distilleries.

Penticton has also been a leader of the Okanagan craft beer scene for more than 25 years. With a strong collaborative community of breweries and home to the Okanagan Fest of Ale and Penticton Beer Week.

With 8 craft breweries, 2 craft distilleries and 2 craft cideries, whatever your beverage of choice, you're sure to find something to appease your palate here in Penticton. Come taste the varied and delicious fruits of our labour.


The Okanagan is known for it's wine and fruit, but has also emerged as a hub for cannabis cultivation, production, and tourism. We offer ideal conditions for growing cannabis and continue to see the industry grow.

Come visit our dispensaries or take a tour with one of our knowledgeable cannabis tour operators. 

Pubs, Casual Dining & Catering

Hang out with the locals while enjoying a few choice beverages and tasty bites, laid back vibes, and often with some live music or entertainment thrown in. Or contact one of our fantastic local catering options for the perfect Penticton event.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

If you want to get fresh than Penticton is the place to be - fresh ground coffee, fresh baked pastries and fresh lake air out on the patio.

Grab a local coffee, latte or tea, along with a breakfast sandwich or pastry and enjoy a relaxing morning in Penticton.

Sweet Treats

Ice cream, cheesecake, chocolates, crepes, pastries, and all your other favourite sweets!

We all need to indulge every now and then and where better to do that than the peach city. Penticton offers an abundance of tantalizing treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, just follow the scent of fresh baked waffle cones.