Live Music: Daring Greatly at The Hub on Martin

Event Dates:
  • Thu July 18, 2024 8:00 PM
  • Event Cost: $22.63
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Daring Greatly – back in Canada!

From Calgary to San Diego, Daring Greatly rocks The Hub on Martin, Penticton, BC, on July 18th. Catch their acclaimed sound live!
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DARING GREATLY—a band whose sound was born in the sunny eastern foothills of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, combines harmony-rich rock n’ roll with U.S Folk, Americana traditions from the 60’s and 70’s.
Genre: rock/country

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About Daring Greatly: From the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Daring Greatly stands out with their unique blend of rock and country, crafting a sound that’s both fresh and deeply moving. The Croome brothers, Patrick and Liam, along with drummer Brayden Tario, bring powerful 3-part harmonies and masterful arrangements that define their distinct sound. Their music, celebrated for its originality and emotional depth, has garnered widespread acclaim. The track “Never A Goodbye” won “Song of the Year” at the 2023 San Diego Music Awards, highlighting their evocative songwriting. With additional nominations in 2024, including “Artist of the Year” and “Best Rock Artist,” their artistic impact is undeniable. Whether it’s through their compelling albums or live performances, the band offers an immersive experience that’s as exhilarating as it is surprising. As Daring Greatly continues to rise, marked by their compelling blend of influences and notable achievements, they represent a band not just on the move, but on the verge of something truly significant. For those who have yet to discover their music, now is the perfect time to dive in and see what makes this Calgary-born band a must-listen in the current music landscape.


Patrick Croome / Vocals, Guitar
Liam Croome / Vocals, Keys
Brayden Tario / Drums, Vocals
Jeff Starkey / Electric Guitar
Brendan Cutrer / Bass

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