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tratto pizza pepper being added from pepper mill
tratto pizza from forno oven
tratto serving 2 pizzas
tratto cheese meat platter
tratto dining area


Pizzeria Tratto Napoletana

  • 256 Westminster Ave W, Penticton
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Pizzeria Tratto was born out of a passion for great Italian ingredients and a respect for the craft of pizza making. At the heart of it all is the traditional domed forno, which churns out perfectly balanced, soft, yet charred, Neapolitan pizza.

At Tratto, you can expect great local and Italian flavours, an extensive Italian wine list, classic Italian cocktails, and local craft beer.

Join us for a dining experience that brings together the traditions of Italy with all the Okanagan has to offer.

A bit about Neapolitan Pizza

Imported double zero flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and fior di latte (milky fresh mozzarella) are key when making Neapolitan pizza. The dough is hand stretched without the use of a rolling pin or stretcher, then cooked in a domed oven.

Neapolitan pizza has minimal toppings for a balance of flavour and lightly charred crust, slightly chewy, and soft in the centre. In true Neapolitan style, our pizzas are brought to the table uncut and to be enjoyed with a knife and fork or eaten by hand.

Takeout Orders

At Tratto we prefer to not cut our takeout pizzas. Leaving the pizza uncut preserves its integrity for the ride home and makes it easy to flash in the oven to get that ‘almost’ restaurant perfection.

If you are headed to the beach or need them cut, please inform the staff.

Tratto Pizzeria Hours of Operation

  • Sunday – Thursday
    4pm – 9pm
  • Friday & Saturday
    4pm – 10pm