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Youth Influencers on Sports in Penticton

As part of the Travel Penticton, Youth Influencers Program, KVR Middle School students were tasked with writing blogs focusing on four key traveler types: Adventurers, Athletes, Families and Foodies.  Below is one of a series that will be released over the next few weeks.  We hope that you enjoy these insightful and candid reviews by our local youth and that they encourage you to visit our wonderfully diverse City.

Sports in Penticton 

By: Ethan Weeber, Josh Roy, Evan Arsenault

Penticton is a very well known place for sports. One of my personal favorite activities is scooter, skateboarding or BMX biking at the skate park. The skate park is a very exciting and fun sport to try in the summer. If you don’t have a bike you can always rent one at Penticton Bike Rentals which is located just over the road.

sports in penticton

Another one my personal favorite sports to do here mountain biking. There are a wide variety of amazing mountain biking parks and trails, where you can get to see Penticton for the beauty it truly is.

Penticton is also known for its amazing wineries and vineyards, so going for a trip on a road bike past them can be a fun way for an adult to spend an evening. Another great reason to go biking is that it is very inexpensive, as a good mountain bike is only about five hundred dollars and can last you around ten years.

We also have a lot of other very fun and intriguing sports you can try out in Penticton, from competitive winter sports like hockey to relaxing summer ones like biking and beach volleyball. In Penticton there is a sport to keep you occupied and entertained all year round.

Hockey is one of the great sports in Penticton. We have the Young Stars Tournament and The Hockey Academy as well as four other hockey rinks. A lot of hockey is played here no matter what level you are. The Young Stars Tournament usually gets sold out and it is great to see all the young prospects coming up from their respective teams to play for an NHL team. The teams in the tournament this year are Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets, UBC and University of Alberta. All of this hockey is played at the SOEC – better get your tickets fast.

sports in penticton

These are just some of my favorite sports and activities to do in this beautiful city, Penticton.


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