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Youth Influencers on Apex Mountain – Our Favorite Ski Hill by an Avalanche

Travel Penticton’s Youth Influencers program aims to create a new generation of tourism ambassadors, by getting our local students directly involved in social media and digital marketing. Students are learning new skills, participating in a variety of activities and being given the opportunity to share their personal views and experience about our City.

By Kyra Souch and Sophie Shearer

Apex Mountain is about a 30 minute drive from Penticton. It contains over 25 different trails. Each trail has a sign with a colour depending on how hard the trail is. There are many different types of trails such as moguls, groomed, steep, flat, etc. There’s a trail for everyone!

Apex Mountain Inn

These trails can be used by snowboarders or skiers and can be accessed by two different lifts that lead to the top of two mountains. These lifts are called the Quad and the Triple Chair. One mountain’s taller than the other, so if you take the Quad you can ski/snowboard to the top of the Triple Chair.

Quad Chair Lift at Apex Mountain

There is also the T-Bar that brings you partly up the mountain with paths that lead to freestyle jump parks. You can also get to these jump parks by the Quad and the Triple Chair too, if you know how. The T-Bar is the lift that you may use if you want to go night skiing. And if you’re a beginner, there is a great hill for you. This hill is known by the name of the Bunny Hill.

On the Bunny Hill at Apex Mountain

Besides the bunny hill is the tubing park. There are two tubing courses, which are both equally fun! You simply connect your tubes together and get a push to get you going, and you’re off! Just get on the magic carpet to get to the top of the hill.

Tubing at Apex Mountain

Maybe you just want to skate? There’s an amazing skating loop that’s 1km long and loads of fun. There’s also a skating rink if you feel up for some hockey.

Skating Loop at Apex Mountain

At the shops, you can get stylish winter clothing to look great on the slopes! You can get that skiing jacket you’ve always wanted at The Mountain Shop, which has all sorts of winter attire. If you need a late-night snack, The Trading Posts is the right place! They have magazines, DVD’s, food, and friendly staff. If you want to have a nice dinner with some of your friends, go to the Gunbarrel! There are many fun events and tasty food!

Th Gunbarrel Saloon at Apex Mountain

If you feel like some winter fun, Apex is the place to go! It has a variety of activities such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, skating, shopping and fine dining! It’s so much fun in any type of weather!

Apex is our favorite ski hill by an avalanche!

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