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WINE 101

While spending time at the tasting bar, you will hear all kinds of “wine speak” being thrown around, here are a few terms translated.

Acidic: They taste zesty or sour and have a sharp edge on the palate. Think of acidity like a squirt of lemon.

Aging: The word for keeping wines in barrels, tanks, and bottles so as to improve the taste and flavor of wine over time.

Aroma: What you smell in the glass. By swirling the glass this allows the wine to interact with the air and makes it easy to sniff out the notes on the tasting sheet.

Bouquet: No, they are not offering you flowers. This term refers to the scent of the wine, which is often more than just a singular thing.

Blend: A wine made from more than one varietal.

Finish: The sense of texture and flavor that linger in mouth after the wine is tasted.

Tannins: Extracted from the grape skins and stems, tannins describe the bitter, drying sensation you feel in your mouth after tasting certain wines.

Terrior: Where the grapes are grown; includes the soil, climate, weather, all aspects of the vineyards and anything else that can possibly differentiate one piece of land from another.

Veraison: Term for when the grapes change colour from green to deep purple for red wines or golden and pink for white grapes. Wine drinkers get quite excited about this as it means that harvest and crush are approaching.
Vintage: It refers to the year the grapes were harvested and the wine was bottled.