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Topless Tours

  • 3099 South Main St, Penticton
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About Topless Tours

It is a catchy name. It makes people smile. People approach and enquire…. just what kind of topless tours? 

If you have to ask, then you have my kind of  sense of humor.

Only the car is topless!

The beauty of a tour in a convertible is the personalized experience of a small group. From playing your favorite music, to one on one conversations, you will be sure to revel in the experience.

Riding in the VW Beetle, with the top down is a most liberating feeling! Nothing between you and the sky, wind in your hair, delightful aromas, it is exhilarating, liberating, and a lot of fun!

I want to share that experience with YOU!

With a name like Topless Tours, there are bound to be some laughs!

Adventure & Experience

Topless Tours is an immersive experience in nature, freeing you from the day to day, or out of the box, and literally “blowing the top off” what you think you can experience on an adventure. The car may be topless, but the fun and adventure is limitless!

Book a tour and see where it will lead you!

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