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sea legs water bikes on the beach shore
sea legs water bikes on skaha lake
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sea legs water bikes beach games rentals
sea legs water bikes tent and dog overlooking skaha
sea legs water bikes bikes on grass in front of skaha lake
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sea legs water bikes staff and dog at tent
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Sea Legs Water Bikes

  • Skaha Lake Park, Penticton
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We provide a unique outdoor experience. Leaving no footprint on our beautiful B.C. waters

Our quiet, easy to ride, ecological water bikes are a fresh, fun way to get out on the water. Whether you are a local or a tourist, every ride is a tiny adventure. 

Is it a catamaran? Is it a bike? It’s both

Our stable, safe water bikes will get you exploring the waterways in a totally unique way. All fitness levels, no special training or equipment required. Accessible, inclusive water recreation via a one-of-a-kind B.C. adventure experience. It’s easier than riding a bike, with the double pontoons providing superior stability, you will be biking without the worry of traffic or balance issues. Relax, enjoy, get some exercise and do some sightseeing.

Sea Legs is about having a great experience on the water

CAUTION: getting out on the water may provide unexpected results: mood enhancer, great exercise, increased calm and fun you weren’t expecting. Experience supernatural B.C. from a unique vantage point – quiet, pedal powered recreation puts you at one with nature. From day tripper, exercise enthusiast to ecologist, your water bike ride provides great entertainment.

Why We Created Sea Legs

There is no place we’d rather be than on the water in B.C. Our love story with water bikes started the very first time we came across them. We saw people of all walks of life getting out on the water, having fun and taking away a great memory. No special clothing or skill required, it was really the accessibility and fun that hooked us. Trying these ourselves, in various locations, we saw that the chance to get out on the water where we were travelling gave us a completely fresh vantage point. We are always looking for new adventures!

We wanted to provide more of this water adventure and showcase our spectacular province to the folks living and visiting B.C. in a fun, fresh way. Come join us on the water.

We have been smitten with Water bikes for some time. They almost seem too good to be true – no special gear or equipment. You can just come out for a spontaneous adventure and get fresh air and time on the water either alone or with family and friends. 

Disability due to a neurological condition has made many activities no longer accessible to me. For those of us with some physical challenges to some forms of outdoor recreation, this is a fresh offering for fitness and fun. There is no way my family would let me ride a bike around city streets, but they are happy to see me out on the water on a stable float, getting some exercise and adventure time. We have one tandem offering. If you have someone who needs some extra assistance being out on the water please let us know and we can set you up on a partner ride. Special rate offered if you have a disability and need an aid for your Sea Legs ride.

Sea Legs is an eco-tourism, leave no trace business model

What this means: Sea Legs are “green” machines!

Ecotourism is catering for tourists wishing to experience the natural environment without damaging it or disturbing its habitats.  Leave no trace, is just as it sounds. We ask you to bring no plastic water bottles or garbage out on your ride. We have a small storage compartment on the water bike for your use and will also store any larger bags at our tent for the duration of your ride. Please consider coming to us by foot, bike or public transit or consider carpooling.

We are committed to giving back to our community

Each month we help organizations that would not otherwise be able to get their “Sea Legs” with us, by donating rides for a day to a local community group that may not be able to access our water bikes due to barriers. If you are an organization that would benefit from Sea Legs water biking for your unique community, please get in touch, or nominate an organization. We’d love to get to know you!

Come see us at Skaha Lake!

We are just west of the boat launch in front of the public washrooms and Tickleberry’s.

Sea Legs Water Bikes Hours

  • Open Wednesday to Sunday: 10:00 am to Dusk.

If you want to come out earlier send us a message or give us a call. We love to hear from you.

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