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River Otter Sport Fishing co-owner Janine with a sturgeon
River Otter Sport Fishing gold panning
River Otter Sport Fishing wildlife sightseeing
River Otter Sport Fishing co-owner Janine catching a sturgeon in the water

River Otter Sport Fishing

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Sturgeon sport fishing in one of Canada’s most pristine rivers

The Fraser River, the longest river in British Columbia, is known as the home to Monsters of the River – The White Sturgeon. The largest freshwater fish in North America, Trophy sturgeons can be from 7-12 feet in length and weigh 150 -1000 pounds!

Join us for an experience of a lifetime, safely guided by River Otters’ skilled and experienced crew, based out of Penticton, BC. Choose from our selection of tours built for 1 to 4 people, and opt for add-on features such as meals and gold rush tours.

Sturgeon are bottom feeders so when fishing for them we anchor your boat, then cast fresh bait to the bottom of the Fraser River. Once you drop your line, we’ll take you to shore where you can grab a lawn chair and await the big fight!

When you are fighting a fish this big, it takes over 100 yards of line out in seconds and there is nothing like it in the world! These fish can take over an hour to get to the boat, so if you are ready for the fight to begin, book your trip today!

Have questions? Contact us and get your adventure started.

Meet Your Guides

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to learn the ropes, you will want our guides by your side on the water.


Eugene has been fishing BIG fish for decades in Mexico, Cuba & Jamaica and has experienced many thrilling battles with dorado/mahi-mahi, sailfish, bluefin tuna, marlin, and shark.

With travel virtually eliminated during Covid-19, he discovered a new passion in his own backyard – sturgeon sport fishing. Once he ran the Fraser River he knew it was an experience that everyone could enjoy and have easy access to.

Eugene has a knack for finding the best spots and getting his clients hooked on everything from massive sturgeon to elusive salmon. His passion for fishing and his expertise in the sport have made him a favourite among our clients and a respected figure in the local fishing community.


Tour company co-ower, Janine, loves fishing. She has fished oceans, rivers and lakes all over the world and can’t wait to share the exhilaration of sturgeon fishing and the beauty of BC with you.

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