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Penticton Indian Cuisine

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Penticton Indian Cuisine brings the exquisi...

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Penticton Indian Cuisine brings the exquisite flavour and wide range of variety in Indian dishes with fresh herbs and spices, adding a touch of Nepalese finish in our cozy and contemporary style of seating located in the heart of Penticton.

This family owned and operated restaurant features Chef Dambar and his wife Chef Sita Khatri, who have been serving Penticton delicious curries and crispy Naan for over a decade now.

Penticton Indian Cuisine is just a few minutes walk from Okanagan Lake.

Come enjoy authentic flavours of India prepared to satisfy your tastebuds, perfectly complimenting a glass of our local wines.

Open 7 days a week from 11 am – 9 pm 

Featuring daily lunch specials and dinner specials.

Penticton Indian Cuisine Menu