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SUMMER 2023 BOOKING OPEN NOW: Penticton-brewery-tours 

2 hours 30 minutes of guided brewery bliss on our unique pedal powered vehicle. Penticton’s best and most exciting group activity! 
Pedal Powered Vehicle

Pedal our way from start to finish along the brewery route. No gas or diesel here- our speed is to the beat of our own drum. There are 10 pedaling seats and 2 non pedaling seats on board the Pedal Vehicle. Vehicle is fit with speakers, pedal system, and a bar style build. 

Plentiful Selection

The selection of beer, wine and ciders at all local partnered breweries is continuously expanding. You and your group can pick from bitter IPAs, hazy ales or the newest sour our partners have created. Try a locally made new brew on your tour!


Many time slots and lots of ways to join in on the fun! At 2 hours and 30 minutes you have plenty of time to enjoy our craft experience. 

Unique Experience

Who knew moving a 650kg vehicle with just your legs could be so much fun! This unique experience combines light exercise and craft tasting into one fun-filled activity.

Local Food

Each brewery has tasty eats for purchase. Ask the tour guide about promotions or recommendations at each stop.

Smart Guides

Local guide will drive the pedal vehicle, give tasting notes, provide local history, and keep the good times rolling. Safety is an absolute must- so please follow your guide’s instructions throughout the tour.

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