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Joy Road Catering

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Joy Road Catering

Joy Road Catering

Whether Joy Road Catering is preparing a gourmet alfresco vineyard dinner, designing a customized menu for an exclusive event, Okanagan Wedding, or baking fine French pastries for the Farmer’s Market, Joy Road Catering use only the freshest, locally-produced seasonal ingredients available. To experience a true taste of the Okanagan, join us for an intimate, multi-course vineyard dinner at God’s Mountain Estate every Sunday evening starting in May.

About Us

From our inception selling pastries at the farmers’ markets, Joy Road Catering has primarily used local ingredients for the simple reason that fresh tastes better. And while socially-responsible food sourcing allows our customers to enjoy the Okanagan bounty at the height of ripeness, it also sustains the farmers and artisans who represent the agricultural heritage of this region. Whether you are planning an elegant wedding feast, a rustic gourmet barbeque or a multi-course gastronomic extravaganza in the comfort of a luxury B & B. Let Joy Road Catering custom design a menu that will exceed your culinary expectations. Use your imagination – the potential for wine country cuisine is endless!

At Joy Road Catering, we proudly showcase the wealth of delicious food and wine options available in this region the best way we know how: creating unique dining experiences that feature premium seasonal ingredients.With Advanced certification from the esteemed U.K.-based Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and an intimate knowledge of the local vintages, we are well-qualified to advise clients on suitable wine pairings with their menus.

Joy Road Catering

At Joy Road Catering, we are pleased to offer a variety of inspired culinary experiences that highlight this spectacular and bountiful valley, from our highly-regarded alfresco vineyard dinners at God’s Mountain Estate, to casual or elegant weddings, gourmet picnics and deluxe barbeques in a multitude of magnificent settings. Our personalized menus feature a wide range of exceptional cuisine prepared with the best possible ingredients sourced locally and with the utmost attention to both the flavour and presentation of each dish.

Please contact us to discuss your event. We are pleased to provide sample menus or work with you to design one that suit your needs.

Joy Road Catering Wine Pairing

Unsure which fabulous Okanagan wines to pair with your special menu? We combine advanced Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certification with an extensive knowledge of the local wine industry to provide recommendations based on your menu selections. Our familiarity with area vintners also means that we can often provide clients access to some of the smaller, boutique wineries and harder-to-find vintages.

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