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Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards

  • 697 Highway 97 S, Peachland
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Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards has a long and rich history. It took nearly twenty years of growing grapes and making wine from this land to really pin down what makes it truly special. Not because we’re new at this, but precisely because you can’t rush a vine to mature, and you can’t hurry great wine. You don’t really know what you have with a newly planted vineyard for at least a decade, and anyone who tells you otherwise is telling tales.

And so it was at some point into that second decade when we started to see the really special qualities of the vineyard: an intensity of focus, laser-pointed crispness, brilliant fruitiness, and natural acidity. And it was at some point after that when it all came together in the idea of making traditional method bc sparkling wine, which, coincidentally, is also something you can’t rush.

And that’s our plan. Site-specific still wines that capture the unique profile of our special halfway between Peachland and Summerland, terroir-all-its-own vineyard. Grower-style, sparkling wine that works with the variability from vintage to vintage to capture a true statement of the year, the fruit and the people who made the wine. Sparkling that isn’t rushed. Traditional method sparkling wine made the way it was meant to be.

Visit the Bistro or Sparkling Bar

Opening May 18, 2018, our bistro will offer fresh food made by Chef Jeremy Tucker with the unbelievable seasonal ingredients the Okanagan provides. Or if you’d prefer a cocktail or glass of sparkling wine and a few small plates, have a seat at the Sparkling Bar and watch the lake go by.

Take A Tour of Have a Taste

We offer two separate tasting experiences at Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards: still wines and sparkling wines. And an in-depth tour that looks at how traditional method sparkling wine is made. But we keep it all friendly and fun. It’s wine, not politics.

Fitzpatrick Family Vineyards Hours of Operation

  • Wineshop Monday to Friday, 10AM – 5PM
  • Fitz Bistro Closed for the season. 19 Bistro to open May 1, 2021

*Please note hours on Saturday may change due to special events.
Please confirm reservations online at

10 mins south of Peachland, Hwy 97
10 mins north of Summerland, Hwy 97

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