Sugar Brown & Jordie Edmonds at The Dream Cafe

Event Dates:
  • Tue July 30, 2019 6:00 PM
  • Event Cost: $16-$26

Doors: 6:00pm, Show: 8:00pm
Tickets:  Premium $26, Wings $16
Reservations: Please call 250-490-9012 to reserve your table

It’s a blues world, and Sugar Brown is living in it and “calling all blues” with real grace and style.

The Toronto-based vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has found his full creative voice on It’s A Blues World (Calling All Blues!), his third album, to be released in March 2018. Following on from his 2014 debut Sugar Brown’s Sad Day and 2015’s acclaimed Poor Lazarus, the new record mines the various strata of the blues genre, digging deep and unearthing dazzling new gems. Brown possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of the form, but his songs are passionate, singular, and soulful, constantly resisting generic, mainstream formulations.

His life story is certainly not an orthodox one for a blues artist. Sugar Brown was born Ken Kawashima, to a Japanese father and Korean mother who both immigrated to the United States in the mid-1960s. He was raised in Bowling Green, Ohio, then moved to Chicago to pursue his studies. Chicago is where Brown cut his teeth as a blues musician, working extensively with such local heroes as Taildragger (the man who gave Kawashima his nickname), as well as with Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, and Rockin’ Johnny Burgin. Since completing his Ph.D. in history from New York University in 2002, Sugar Brown lives in Toronto, where he teaches as Associate Professor of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto.

Joining Sugar Brown is Jordie Edmonds who’s well known for his touring with Harpdog Brown and others. He and Sugar together have been turning heads on their very limited tours so don’t miss it!