Murder Mystery "Billionaire's Club Masquerade Ball"

Event Dates:
  • Sat October 20, 2018 6:00 PM
  • Event Cost: 25.00
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~ Billionaire’s Club Masquerade Ball ~

Let’s all pretend we are FILTHY RICH for a day! Put on your best suit/gown .. drown yourself in jewels.. and even add some feathers to your wardrobe.. why not.. we are Billionaire’s dammit!
Finish your ensemble with a venitian mask if you have as well!

The Barley Mill Brew Pub is partnering with the Murder Mystery Company out of Seattle, to put on this KILLER NIGHT for you!

TICKETS ~ On Sale at the Barley Mill Brew Pub ~ Ticket sales are organized by table. Please have one person come in to purchase a table for your group. (or email if you would like to add to your current reservation). Limited tickets available – $25 / guest in advance..

The rustle of silks and feathers under muted conversation was probably the last thing heard by the tragically and unexpectedly deceased at the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball. With a mystery under each feathery façade, unmasking the killer may be quite a challenge. It’s up to you to determine which partygoer is guilty, bring this crime to justice, and save the party!

Attend the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball and help get this soiree back on track by trading clues with your guests, gathering information, and solving the crime before the masked menace gets away!

WHAT TO WEAR ~ Evening wear, ball gowns, Venetian masks, jewels, feathers, suits, and tuxes are what to wear to this high class night of masks and murder. Get ready for a glamorous evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder.

DINNER – (not included in the ticket price) Join us in advance for dinner and cocktails.. doors open at 6:00 pm

EVENT – please be here no later than 7:30 pm – the actors will be here selecting 10-12 guests to play a significant role in the nights events.. all other attendees will be guests here to help solve crime starting at 8:00 pm.