Mike Farris at the Dream Cafe

Event Dates:
  • Mon September 17, 2018 6:00 PM
  • Tue September 18, 2018 6:00 PM
  • Event Cost: Premium: $63 Wing: $53
TWO NIGHTS! September 17 & 18
Doors 6pm – Show 8pm
“Mike Farris has enough heart, soul, and power to light up a city. He mixes up the elements and turns them into something new, beautiful, and uniquely his own.” – Buddy Miller
“Country and gospel music is in dire need of some pure heartfelt soul right now. He’s like a secret weapon – he’s loaded with soul.” – Marty Stuart (Rolling Stone Country)
It’s in the quiet moments sprinkled deftly throughout his new album, SILVER AND STONE, that Mike Farris reveals a previously hidden side of his singular instrument. His voice, widely known for its power and range, becomes a vessel for something more subtle but infinitely more rare and challenging to capture-the pure, authentic nature of accepting oneself. Musically, the album marries a range of influences, drawing as much from Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers as from Bon Scott and Steve Marriott. Farris’ larger-than-life vocals, straight out of the South, sharpened in the clubs of New York City, honed over a lifetime of collaboration and stage time with the likes of Patty Griffin, Patti Austin, Double Trouble, and his own Roseland Rhythm Revue, deliver not only the funky danceable blues-rock that draws audiences to his live shows but also a deeper insight into Farris’ hard-earned understanding of the complexities of the human condition.
Premium Seats: $63
Wing Seats: $53