Lance Canales at The Dream Cafe

Event Dates:
  • Fri October 12, 2018 6:00 PM
  • Event Cost: 29 Premium, $19 Wings
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Friday, October 12th
Doors 6pm Show 8pm

Lance Canales is a Mexican/First Nations American, from Fresno, California. Canales lived the life that so many songs have been written about.  Since the birth of Roots music – hard labor, one room shacks and taunting ghosts whispering of a better life. Canales’ deep, gutteral vocals combine a hard-edged story telling approach beneath a stripped down, foot-stomping acoustic instrumentation. He plays hollow-bodied, anger-fueled blues guitar. He growls and stomps with his feet, clad in the heavy work boots of his grandfather.

In 2013, Canales released the single, “Plane Crash at Los Gatos: Deportee”, written by Woody Guthrie, a gut-wrenchingly beautiful rendition. What makes this version so important is that it was part of fundraising efforts to erect a memorial headstone enscribed with the names of the previously nameless 28 Mexican plane crash victims–braceros–mentioned in the song.

$29 Premium/
$19 Wings