Gratitude Jars with Alice for Seniors Week

Event Dates:
  • Sun May 30, 2021 All Day
  • Mon May 31, 2021 All Day
  • Tue June 1, 2021 All Day
  • Wed June 2, 2021 All Day
  • Thu June 3, 2021 All Day
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While we are all staying at home as much as possible and dreaming of better days ahead, it’s challenging to stay positive right now. One of the best ways is to stay creative. So, hooray for all of you doing this project!

Another way to stay positive is to focus on gratitude – being grateful for the good things we have. With that in mind, we are creating jars to hold our gratitude thoughts. On the days that it’s tougher to be positive, open your jar and remind yourself of the things you’ve been grateful for. Kits Available

Featuring: Alice Strohmaier of Harmony Paper