Go.Ga ...... Baby Goat Yoga SOLD OUT!!

Event Dates:
  • Sun July 2, 2017
  • Event Cost: 20
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Join Carrie, Cindy, Jeff and the entire crew at GottaGoat Farm for our summer event series ……. goga! We will be practicing outdoors with baby goats being free to roam and interact with you as they please. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about these loving animals while fostering your own sense of tenderness and empathy for nature and the environment.
Please note, as we are practicing in ‘their yard’ they will be themselves, meaning they may relieve themselves, and they will most definitely nibble curiously at anything they can get their lips around …. zippers, pulls, jewellery, hair bands, tags, etc. If you register to attend, please wear clothing that you are ok with being nibbled at.
Class consists of an hour yoga, a short education piece on the goats and of course photo opps!