Don Gayton Presents: The Sky and the Patio by Arts Matter Online

Event Dates:
  • Sat March 27, 2021 9:00 AM
  • Event Cost: Free
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This Saturday, March 27th, the Penticton & District Community Arts Council is launching the latest Arts Matter Online featuring ecologist and writer Don Gayton.

Join us as we curl up to to enjoy three videos from Don Gayton as he reads us three stories: Trout Creek, The Bookshelf, & The Beauty of Forced Reassembly.

About Don Gayton:
“I’ve reached a stage in life where writing is a distinct pleasure, and I use it to indulge a series of personal fascinations. The evolution of landscape painting. The aerodynamic mysteries of the airplane wing. Rural development, the ecology of natural grasslands, the geology of the Great Spokane Flood. And more of that ilk. I call myself a scientist, but really I’m a “gentleman scientist” because I flunked Algebra.
For me, science is the undiscovered country of the literary imagination. As a reader, fiction has always been my first love, followed closely by scientific journals. So as a writer, I like to threaten the fortified boundaries of non-fiction, shouting and waving my arms. More and more I gravitate to story as our primal form of communication.
I work as an ecologist, specializing in grasslands, grazing management and fire ecology, and I write in my spare time. In the last century, the physicists interpreted science for the public; in this next beleaguered century, we ecologists will get our turn.”
This event is part of the Penticton and District Community Arts Council’s Arts Matter Online programming, an ongoing series of content created by local artists for our community.