Deanna Knight & The Hot Club of Mars

Deanna Knight & the Hot Club of Mars : Travel back in time to the early acoustic swing era of the 1920’s & 30’s and experience Vancouver’s most dynamic acoustic roots, world rhythm, gypsy jazz ensembles. Chanteuse Deanna Knight, shares sultry and sassy vocals alongside driving rhythms and hot solos. Described as “stand out, unmistakable and smooth as fine whisky” Knight celebrates fifteen years with “multi-instrumentalist and ace luthier Michael Dunn and the Hot Club boys who use their Hawaiian, resonator, and Gypsy-jazz guitars to slice and dice 50 shades of swing with admirable gusto.” Rooted deeply in the rhythms of Django Reinhart, this unique ensemble adds to a traditional sound with melody, charm and a memorable vintage flare.

“Brilliant woodwind and guitar work, gorgeous vocals, and scintillating arrangements. Their debut CD, ‘Gypsy Fire’, is extremely impressive” Steve Edge, Rogue Folk Club

Chanteuse with Vancouver’s Hot Club of Mars