Boxcar Campfire

Event Dates:
  • Thu June 14, 2018 6:00 PM
  • Event Cost: 25.00-35.00
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Boxcar Campfire (Paul Pigat)
Thursday, June 14th
Doors 6pm Show 8pm

Originally created as a way of “bringing it down a bit”, Boxcar Campfire has taken on a life of its own as this new recording and touring project allows a more reflective and insular shade of Paul Pigat’s creativity to come into play. Those with sharp ears will hear snatches of everything from Debussy to Jimmy Rogers blues inflections thrown into the mix, but — as always — the sounds Pigat creates are all his own. With long gone days of railroad steam trailing out back of his head as he sings of possums in the pot and holes in his heart, this music gets you in the mood to hit the open road.

Album 2 of the Campfire Trilogy
Due to Arrive Summer 2018

Just when you think his music is all lit up like a leaky propane tank in a fireworks factory, Pigat can bring it down to 3 am embers with trouble in mind as he steps out and opens up his trunk full of Boxcar Campfire songs to romance you with.

Paul is currently in the middle of recording the long awaited 2nd installment of the Boxcar Trilogy.

Premium – $35
Wings $25

Boxcar Campfire