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Make a Break for the Lake

Attention people!  There are still 3 full weeks of Summer left, maybe more if September weather co-operates.  Why not make a break for the lake and head to Penticton to soak up some Summer sun and chill in the cool fresh water.

Summer’s Sweet in Penticton

We all need to indulge every now and then and where better to do that than the Peach City.  Penticton offers an abundance of tantalizing treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, just follow the scent of fresh baked waffle cones. 

Youth Influencers on Top of the World at Apex

Travel Penticton’s Youth Influencers program aims to create a new generation of tourism ambassadors, by getting our local students directly involved in social media and digital marketing.  Students are learning new skills, participating in a…

10 Reasons to Visit Penticton this Winter

Whether you’re searching for a winter family vacation, a romantic escape, or a weekend package deal, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in Penticton. With cozy accommodations and plenty of entertainment, it’s easy…

Youth Influencers on Sports in Penticton

As part of the Travel Penticton, Youth Influencers Program, KVR Middle School students were tasked with writing blogs focusing on four key traveler types: Adventurers, Athletes, Families and Foodies.  Below is one of a series…