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8 Things to do in Penticton BC Canada Beginning with “P”

Penticton is a First Nations word for ‘a place to stay forever’. Indeed, many locals moved there permanently after they’d visited, so enamoured they were by the town and its surrounding area. Located at the southern end of British Columbia’s stunning Okanagan Valley – and with a population of only 33,000 – this tiny place packs in a lot for fleeting visits, too: heritage buildings, a stunning waterfront along the Okanagan and Skaha Lakes, picturesque cycling routes and wineries galore. Here are eight things to do in Penticton BC beginning with P.


  • Thanks for the list of 8 things to do in Penticton beginning with P. My favorite is number 4-Pace yourself through the Okanagan wineries. I always do love some
    good wine.

    • So glad to hear you enjoy visiting our wineries! Hope you have time to visit during Fall Wine Festival starting today for 10 days.

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